Kryolyte Reader is a free comic book reader software coded with C#. The author, Kaustav Majumder coded this software to integrate the cool features of most of the popular comic book reader softwares available on the net. The software was coded with a view to reach out to comic book fans and keep the comic books alive.


Version History

Versions 1.0.0 through 1.0.4

The Kryolyte Reader project was started single handedly by Kaustav Majumder. These versions were built in the early stages of the software development. The author was struggling to load an image into the C# Application when the project started. He had to dpo a lot of digging on the net.
Initially the software targetted the Dot Net Framework Version 4.0.
Later it was Framework was deliberately downgraded to 2.0 for two reasons:
This downgrading of the framework was ironic indeed as the author himself likes to upgrade and advance in the field of technology.

Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 was the official release on the net. it was first uploaded to Sourceforge and then linked on the Kryolyte Technologies homepaage. This version was a major makeover over its previous 1.0.4 version.
Noticable improvements were:

Version 1.0.6

The previous version was a memory-hungry release. The memory (RAM) occupied by the software was directly proportion to the number of pages a comic-book had (and hence loaded at runtime).
This problem was thoroughly studied and finally fixed.
Other than this major change, minor tweaks were:

Version 1.0.7

The previous version had an issue with the thumbnails panel. I realized this after I purchased a full HD monitor with the resolution capacity of 1920x1080.
The thumbnails panel could only show upto 5 thumbnails at a time. In larger displays however there is ample space to accommodate more thumbnails.
After noodling around with the code a bit I fixed the follwoing problems:


System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Dot Net Framework 3.5
  • Around 128 MB of RAM



    Multiple instances of the Kryolyte Reader.



    Labelling of the main parts of the Kryolyte Reader interface.

    As you can see the labelling above is quite self explanatory.
  • Just load a comic book file from the FILE -> LOAD menu.
  • Scroll through the thumbnails and browse the pages of the book.
  • To ZOOM IN or OUT, take the mouse pointer over that particular area of the page and scroll up or down.
  • Note that the ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT buttons zoom the page keeping the page centered.
  • To PAN the page, i.e to see other parts of the same page, just drag the page in the desired direction.


    Name: Kaustav Majumder
    Educational Qualification: Completed BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), Pursuing MCA (Master of Computer Applications).
    Current Occupation: Software Training, Teaching Game Programming, Digital Painting, 3D Modelling and Rendering etc.
    Working Experience: Worked as a Web Developer and a Web Development Project Manager in Web Soft Technologies.
    E-Mail: animator.kaustav@gmail.com

    REMEMBER! Your feedback is valuable for further development of the software.